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Transferring Cine to DVD

cine projectorConvert your old cine films in to DVDs or computer files

If you have some cine films but no projector to play them on it’s a bit frustrating. You can see by looking at the film that there is something there – but what?

Good news is that today you can easily get them converted in to digital format for dvd, Blu-ray or computer format.

Cine film is made up of a series of individual frames which when played together make up a film. So, to get the best quality transfer each frame needs to be individually scanned from your  8mm, super 8, 16mm, super16 or 9.5mm.

There are plenty of companies on the internet who can convert your cine films for you and you’ll need to do your homework to find the best quality vs price option. Some considerations are the state of the film itself: Is it brittle? Is it clean? Just make the enquiry and make sure you check these points.

Most cine films are usually 18 images for each second of film or 18fps or ‘frames per second’ which equates to a 4 minute film roll comprising of 4,300 still images which create a film. So, to get the best result you need to digitally scan each of these images individually to get the best results.

Once the images have been scanned in, they can be outputted as individual images or we converted into a movie file for use with Blu-ray, DVD or computer-editable formats.

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