About this website

Hi, my name is Neil Rigby  and I created to act as a base for my archiving work and family history research.

I’ve always been interested in history and throughout my life have tried to research local and family history. When the internet came along it made things a lot easier – not only could you research records from the comfort of your own home, it became possible to link up and share information with people with a common interest.

I created pages with information about what I was researching and was able to let people find it easily and share what they knew.

When researching family history I can now share everything from family trees to old family photographs quite easily. I’m working through my family photos carefully scanning them in and naming them correctly.

During this process of archiving I’ll be sharing information and techniques I discover along the way as well as publishing information about my ancesters which you may be part of!

If you can help me at all then please get in touch!