Digital Files

How to archive digital files

Since the beginning of the digital revolution, many of us have collected digital files and have masses of them scattered amongst computer hard drives, memory sticks, cds, dvds etc. These files need to be properly archived to preserve their integrity and organise them.

If you think the prospect of archiving your digital files is a daunting task, you’re not alone. Professionals such as libraries, museums and archives are always looking to improve their systems for archiving.

The task can be quite daunting, so set simple goals, make a plan to follow and carry it out. Your digital assets are going to continue to grow, almost exponentially, so establishing a robust system now is only going to benefit you and your family for generations to come.

To build your family archive, start with scanning physical assets and photographing physical items. Then combine these files with existing digital files to complete your archive.

A flatbed scanner is great for photos, transparencies and other artwork but not so good for bulk document scanning – a dedicated document scanner is best if you have masses of paperwork to scan.